SID321 – Effective removal of SCR and DPF problems

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Is your Renault Master equipped with SID321 controller?

How can you check if AdBlue problems in your Renault Master or Opel Movano will be solved by our SCR Emulator? Well it’s best to check if the SCR in your Renault Master is controlled with SID321 controller. To do that you can check the controller model behind the left headlight to see if our AdBlue emulator fits your Renault Master or Opel Movano. Once you confirm that your Master/Movano is equipped with SID321 controller you can learn more about our Master DPF emulator or Master SCR emulator.

Issues with SID321

Problems with the AdBlue and DPF emission control systems are affecting owners of Continental engines with SID321. Engines with this control unit are used in Renault Master and Opel Movano vans, as well as in Nissan Navara.

The most optimal solution in this case seems to be rid of the AdBlue and DPF completely by reprogramming the SID321 engine controller. However, this leads to another problem, as it is currently impossible to reprogram/flash the control unit and make the necessary changes.

Renault Master SCR Problems
Renault Master SID321 DPF Emulator

The latest solution!
DPF Emulator 

The world’s first solution to emulate Diesel Particulate Filter in cars equipped with the SID321 controller. The device is connected using factory plugs. It generates signals such as a functioning DPF and its instrumentation. Thanks to our solution, the removal of the particulate filter, has finally become possible in vehicles equipped with SID321 engine controller. 

Emulator as a reliable solution to the SCR system problem for SID321

Our device is the answer to this problem. It is the only solution on the market for SID321 control unit that does not interfere with the engine controller itself. Instead, it simulates the signals sent to it by a fully functional SCR system. It is achieved by connecting with the vehicle’s communication line (CANBUS).

The solution can be installed to both a functioning and damaged car, as it does not generate errors on the dashboard.

Renault Master SID321 SCR Emulator AdBlue -  Emulator

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Join the network of partner workshops and installers. The device designed by us effectively removes SCR (AdBlue) and DPF (particulate filter) problems in Continental engines with the SID321 controller.

Opel Movano SCR AdBlue Emulator - Adblue distributor

How does it work?

The emulator imitates the operation of correctly functioning components. Signals are sent to the engine controller without putting the vehicle into derate mode and communicating any errors. The device also works in cars with a defective emission reduction system (SCR) or diesel particulate filter (DPF).

What’s more, there is no torque limitation, and the loss of power and speed limitation are eliminated once and for all, as are the visits to service stations to refill the AdBlue.

Full emulation instead of continuous error clearing

The operation of currently available devices on the market only involves continuous clearing of all errors that occur, not just those related to the emission! Although this may seem effective on the surface, it makes the diagnosis of the vehicle quite “tricky”, though truth be told it makes the vehicle utterly undiagnosable! This sort of solution can also lead to serious breakdowns, because along with the errors of the SCR system or DPF, errors affecting the engine’s operational safety are also being continuously erased, such as those indicating incorrect oil pressure or turbocharger temperature.

Our device stands out from the competition in that it does not generate any errors for the SID321 engine controller, and therefore does not have to clear errors all the time. It does not hinder computer diagnostics, and its results show the parameters of the AdBlue dosing system and DPF operation exactly as they are in a fully operational vehicle.

Renault Master Top Up AdBlue
Renault Master AdBlue Repair

Master your vehicle!

By opting for our solution, you effectively remove the SCR (AdBlue) or DPF system from your vehicle getting rid of the problems associated with them, while maintaining the full safety of your vehicle through uninterrupted access to all messages, including errors sent by the SID321 controller.

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