Delete of SCR/AdBlue in engines with SID321 (Renault Master, Opel Movano, Nissan Navara, NV400)

What is an SCR system?

SCR system – Selective Catalytic Reduction a method of extracting nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) after the chemical conversion of oxides of nitrogen (NOx). This is achieved through urea, which acts as a reducing agent in the process.

The purpose of transforming nitrogen oxides into water and nitrogen is to reduce particulate matter (PM) emissions as well as the volume of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas.

SCR system malfunctions in SID321

When a fault or malfunctioning component of the SCR system is detected, the engine control unit (ECU) puts the engine into power limitation mode. In trucks/passenger cars, the controller reduces torque to limit exhaust emissions.

The most fail-safe components of the SCR system are the pump and the nitrogen oxide (NOx) controller. The crystallisation of residual fluid in the system and the impermanence of the sensors are another problems. In addition to the strong failure rate of the system components, the price of the solution is also a problem.

The answer to SCR problems in your Renault Master? Emulating the system

With help for all these inconveniences comes our Movano and Master SCR/AdBlue system emulator.

Our device simulates the operation of a fully functioning SCR system. Once installed, the device sends the same signals as a fully functioning SCR system. This means that the engine controller does not display errors related to the system’s operation and does not reduce the engine’s output by reducing torque.

When searching for solutions to SCR system problems, you may come across the terms ‘AdBlue deactivation’ or ‘AdBlue removal’.

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